I love designing posters, book covers, and other print material. But there’s a certain magic in seeing those images come to life and move around a screen. For a few years now, I’ve been pushing Photoshop to make animations that should probably be done in After Effects, and getting re-acquainted with After Effects so I can make the kinds of moving images I see in my head.
Moving Album Covers    


In 2018, I was approached by Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA with an idea to add motion to some of their new releases. I was very much into that idea, and have continued to work with them off-and-on ever since. Thus far, the original covers are designed by someone in-house, or otherwise associated with the band. Then supplied with workable files that I can dissect and work with.

Typically, I proposed more dramatic and obvious motion to these covers, but in general they tended to prefer a more subtle approach. I think my current favorite is for Aeon Station, where I created the illusion of clouds moving behind the building, while also reflecting on the front.

Animated Typography    


The 36 Days of Type Project (#36daysoftype) started in 2014. I think that was the first time I participated. This Instagram initiative started by Treintayseis in Barcelona serves as a great impetus to experimenting with new techniques and ideas. My college professor Marcus Melton got me hooked on it, and is still a huge experimental typographic inspiration.

WARNING: Some of these animations are pretty intense and could potentially trigger seizures. If you are prone to seizures, don’t watch.

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