I may be type-obsessed, but this…

…this takes things to the next level.
But I must say, this kind of attention to detail is inspiring.

In a nutshell, this is an obsessive collection of detailed instances of typefaces being used in historical movies in the wrong context. Either the typeface wasn’t actually used at that time, or even worse, wasn’t designed yet. OOPS.

Read about it here: Typecasting


The Hudsucker Proxy (1994, Warner Bros.). I’m a big fan of the Coen brothers’ movies and this is a favorite of mine. Typographically, though, their films are a mixed bag. One complication with critiquing the typography in this movie is that it’s difficult to say exactly what decade it’s supposed to be. According to the story, it’s set in the late fifties, but it often looks more like the forties, or even the thirties. Nevertheless, much of the typography is, at least technically, out of place. For the most part they’ve chosen typefaces that look the part but didn’t actually exist fifty years ago. A good example is the Hudsucker corporate logo which looks like it’s from the thirties or forties, but is actually set in Bodega Sans (1991).

Also used a lot in the film is Univers, a sans serif face that—although released in 1957—was not a common sight until the late sixties, especially for such a pedestrian use as a mechanical job board, for example.

Found via DesignObserver

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