Twitter/Facebook cause Tropicana to re-consider

This is insane. In good ways and bad.
Due to public outrage expressed on Facebook and Twitter (SRSLY?), Tropicana (Pepsi) has decided to revert to the previous version of the packaging for their delicious orange juice.

Here’s the full article from the New York Times: Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging

There are two separate issues at play here, both of which are somewhat interesting/troubling. The first is the issue of consumers having the power to affect design. In this case, I would say it was a good thing. If only the same outrage had risen against the Pepsi logo. Oh well. Anyway, do we really want to put that kind of power in the hands of the consumer? (That sounds awfully snooty, I know. But I’ve dealt with some clients who had “questionable taste” at best.) And who gave them said power? TWITTER? FACEBOOK? Of course, Facebook had to deal with a revolt of its own recently. Anyway, I’m sure I’m over-reacting, but it makes me kind of nervous to think that just because the public doesn’t “like” something, it must go away. People surely had their complaints about the IBM stripes, the Man with the Golden Arm, etc… but they didn’t have massive networks like Facebook and Twitter to band together and bully (BULLY?!) the big-wigs into changing to something more conservative.

And as much as I dislike the Pepsi logo, I’m willing to live with it.
In fact, I’m starting to appreciate firms like Wolff Olins who seem to go out of their way to create logos (etc) that fly in the face of “good design” and public acceptance. Olympics 2012, anyone?

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