Moire Fun


I’ve always been fascinated by moiré patterns – the generally unintentional and unexpected emergence of a third pattern resulting from the overlapping of two initial patterns. In terms of commercial printing, a moiré pattern is something to avoid. It shows that the printing plates are out of register, or that the blanket carrying the printed image has stretched or skewed. However, I like to find beauty in mistakes, and in moiré patterns and misregistration in particular.

On this page, slowly scroll down the page and watch the various patterns interact with the background of the site.

Then, do a hard-refresh (shift+refresh) to clear the cache and load a new background pattern for a new moiré experience. As you scroll, you’ll see how it works with color, and with animation. Things get pretty intense!

It works best on a laptop/desktop, but the effect is somewhat noticeable on mobile, as well.

This page may contain strobing patterns that could trigger seizures.

– DS

Get me out of here! My brain hurts!