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Design Finds

I spent a couple hours in Garders Books in Tulsa last Friday looking at book jackets. I bought an armload of these, but couldn’t take home all the books I wanted. I found the best covers in the science section, a few keepers in philosophy, including a Paul Rand cover for The Modern Temper, and a particularly disturbing cover for a book about Bill & Hillary. Yikes. Anyway, have a look, and get out and find some design treasures.

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Torche & Big Business

I was really thrilled to make a poster for two of my favorite bands in the world: Torche & Big Business. I wanted it to be intense, the way their music is intense. I also wanted it to be unique to screen-printing. I had wanted to do a bunch of stuff that ended up  not happening, like glow-in-the-dark ink, and printing a dotted line on the back where people could cut out the face and use it as a mask. Maybe next time. I did, however, work in some metallic gold which makes the moiré background really crazy to look at. And I cut one of the posters into a mask and sent it to the band. If you happen to be in Denver on July 31st, do not miss this show!



Get these mobile wallpapers!

I’m uploading a bunch of iPhone/iPod wallpapers for peoples.
Get ’em while they’re hot!

Visit this site with your mobile device, tap & hold to download the images, and then go to your photo library and choose to set as your wallpaper. They work best as lock-screen wallpaper, but do as you please.


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Let’s talk about album covers & screen-printing…

Amos - Showtime

I’m not sure how the people at Sounds of Subterrania got my info, but they were kind enough to invite me to participate in a pretty awesome thing going on for the release of a new album on their label: AMOS – Showtime.

And to be perfectly honest, I had not heard of AMOS before this project. But immediately upon seeing his website, and listening to some preview tracks they provided for the invited participants, I was fully on-board. He’s got a pretty distinct look, and an equally distinct and amazing sound. Watch and listen here: AMOS on Facebook.

Essentially, the project consists of a group of artists and designers who were invited to create album covers for AMOS’ new album called “Showtime.” Each artist was mailed a blank LP sleeve onto which they were to create their design. I found this pretty intimidating, considering I was planning on screen-printing onto mine, and fixing screen-printed mistakes isn’t particularly fun. I guess if I needed a second cover I could have asked for one, but I really wanted to get it right the first time. More about that later.

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